Air Assault in Clash Royale

Lately I’ve been back in Clash Royale but experimenting with almost all air units, at least for the attack. I’m having lots of luck with Minion Horde and Balloon in particular. If they can both get to the Tower, they’ll take it down in seconds.

You really need a tank to make this work effectively. When I’m sticking with all air units, I use the Baby Dragon. But I think a more effective tank is the old faithful Giant. I just feel like I’m cheating when using him, because I’m trying hard to go with an all-out air assault.

Of course the Legendary Inferno Dragon is another huge piece of your arsenal if you’re lucky enough to have him.


I’m still working on putting together some YouTube videos of tips and tricks. I’m using ScreenFlow to capture video from my iPhone on my Mac and then just assembling iOS screenshots and Mac screenshots by hand. So far it’s looking good but I don’t have anything strong enough to upload right now. Soon!




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