Paddleboard in the Water

Sometimes I like to drift quietly on the calm ocean while riding a paddleboard. I don’t stand up all that often — I prefer lying down and drifting calmly, letting the sounds of the waves lapping up against the board lull me slowly to sleep.

Sometimes I fall off the board and that sucks.


Meditation at Sunset

Enjoy and Practice Mindfulness Meditation

We definitely live in a frantic world, don’t you think? Likely most of you may concur. And we certainly lack when it comes to mindfulness. You tend to clean the room or utensils while watching TV or viewing your kids, you run faster and faster in order to catch the bus or train, you can work extremely tired and you start cooking the minute. And you wonder why you are tired? Regrettably, since you run to realize the expectations of every single person, you might find you have lost the contact with yourself.


When did you see last what you’re feeling? Did you have the ability to discover that you were drowsy or tired? I wager that, with your hectic schedule, you were not able to do it. Actually it is important to talk to your own self every single day. Even multiple times a day! And the only way to get this done is by being serene and concentrating really hard.


Being mindful is exceptionally significant because it offers a way out of the day-to-day snares to us. The recalling power raises, keeps your head steady, sharpens the memory and overall makes things better. It’s an effective way to reach redemption and happiness. Let’s talk more about the advantages offered by this kind of meditation:


It helps us understand ourselves better. Forget about mirrors anything. Ourselves all have to dash through life, to fix to the requirements of the world. And this might cause forgetting our true self. This approach will help individuals remove the blind spots and relocate the actual “self.”


Mindfulness meditation helps the person concentrate better and improves the cognitive functions. The college students that prefer this strategy gain more because of the developed memory.

Attractive Man Breathing Outdoor
Breathe deeply. Take it in.

Get Rid of Depression

Leave behind depression. Older men or pregnant women are predisposed to depression because they will have sometimes no support from individuals around and mood swings. Apparently, mindfulness meditation has helped the ladies in a significant manner that was pregnant by gaining an and great reaction towards the experience of maternity. But they are not the only ones who can suffer with depression. Teens can also go by means of this experience. Everything from strain to depression and anxiety may be a burden for lots of adolescents.

Weight Loss and Sleep

According to some experts, this sort of meditation is a good technique when it comes to weight reduction. You are helped by it and it prompts one to do anything you wish to accomplish. And last but not least, it offers a peaceful sleep. When your physical and emotional state is not bad, in addition you have a good night sleep. It leads to emotions that are positive and a good mood.



Gotta Get Fit

This, for the record, is not me. I don’t have muscles or a physique quite like this, but sometimes I wish I did. Summer is winding down and like so many other people, I find myself wishing that I had done more to work on that “beach body.”

But instead of running, training for a half marathon, or just even doing some pushups, I mostly spent this summer sitting at the beach drinking beer.

Not that it wasn’t a good summer. Just that I didn’t achieve the levels of fitness that I was hoping for and it shows.

Female With Perfect Abdomen Muscles
Work on those abdominals, people. It’s summertime!