Solving Poptropica Skullduggery Island

The brand new island adventure from the popular online game Poptropica is called Skullduggery Island. It has been available for paid members of Poptropica in early access and will be released to everyone on June 17 2010. It is the longest and most in-depth island in Poptropica so far. Following is the full Poptropica Skullduggery Island walkthrough.

Use the island map while traveling by balloon to go to Skullduggery and then slide down the rope to arrive at the starting point, named Fort Ridley. In the Fort Ridley portion of the quest, you have to help the villagers who’ve been regularly assaulted by Captain Crawfish, an awful and infamous pirate. Once you have solved the secret of the strange note and helped the locals of Fort Ridley, you can leave this main island and discover several more on the high seas.

Once you arrive, run all the way right and proceed to the next area that is simply over the wood bridge. Once you cross the bridge, continue down the hill and then to the left into the water, where you’ll head back to the left and then see a doubloon lying on the ground.

Return left to the General Store, and utilize the doubloon to get a bag of chicken feed.

Give the feed to the boy with the chickens. He will be really happy and will give you a chicken as a present.

Next head back over the big wooden bridge and you will arrive at a position where there is corn growing although you will find bugs pretty much everywhere. Open your backpack and click to use the chicken. It will go onto the ground and eat all the bugs. The man will be incredibly pleased and will give you a blue candle as a gift.

Go up the hill and run past the house on the top and go back down to the ocean below. You’ll see a woman there. Talk to her and she will tell you about her husband who has been lost at sea.

Go into the house which you see on top of the hill and talk to the two men there. Use the blue candle that the corn farmer gave you to uncover the missing part of the document. The Governor will tell you about the Treasure Map and the need to defeat Captain Crawfish the pirate.

Go back all the way to the left and jump up to the top of the tower with the soldiers in it. Use the telescope up on the roof and move it around until you spot a small raft with torn sails on the horizon. Click on the broken mirror in the lower-left corner to send a signal to the raft and it will come to the dock.

A scruffy looking guy appears and it turns out he is the long-lost husband of the woman you met on the beach. He then gives you what’s left of his ship and you’ll find that you’ve already got a two-person crew ready to join you.

Embark on your ship and sail to the small island in the upper-left corner of the map. While you’re sailing try to steer clear from the sea monsters and pirate ships. When you spot salvage in the water, try to pick it up.

You’ll soon arrive at Dragon Cove. Click on the dock and disembark. To find the map piece, go to the water’s edge and stand on the sunken statue to reveal a Mallet. Push the old fisherman all the way to the right, and hit the giant Bell Gong with the mallet. This will send fish up for the old man to catch, and he will give you the map piece. Even though the shipbuilder and the crewmember who can fix ships are here, you probably don’t have enough money yet so skip them for now. New crew members and upgraded ships cost thousands of doubloons and you need to earn more before you can start upgrading or adding to the crew. Go up to the trading post and sell any spice you have and buy silk.

The next stop is Bouffant Bay, which is in the top-right corner. Pick up any salvage you spot along the way.

Talk to the worker here at the pier if you want a little hint for the map piece that is hidden here in Bouffant Bay. Run to the right and you will arrive at the trading post. Here you want to sell Silk. At Bouffant Bay, the best cargo to purchase is Medicine, which is very inexpensive at this port. Go right to the residence with three Hanging Fern Baskets. Jump up and touch the one on the right, then the one on the left, and finally the one in the middle. Once that is done, you’ll find the hidden map piece. If you go inside Willard’s Warehouse to the left, you can find the Cargo Master crew member. When he is with you, your ship can carry 50% more cargo than without him. You probably can’t afford to hire him right now. Don’t forget to make sure you bought the Medicine cargo from the trading post because you’ll want to sell it at the next port.

Travel to Parrot Port, directly below. Sell your salvage and cargo, but there is no cargo to cheaply purchase here. Head inside Petey’s Pirate Pub and you’ll find the Navigator. When you hire her she increases the speed of your ship, but if this is your first trip around the islands, she’s too expensive to hire for now. At upper left is a Cracker. Go back to the Trading Post and locate the Parrot. It will tell you to dunk yourself in the sea and come back to find it. Run out to the dock and jump in the water and then go back and you’ll find him up near the roof of one of the buildings. Click on him and he’ll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. He’s talking about a chimney on the building to the right, which you need to stand on. Now the parrot is at the palm tree at far right, and tells you to see the pirate in the tower near the shore, who is the parrot’s owner. Go to the old tower near the dock and you’ll find the pirate up top. He’ll tell you that if you can return the parrot to him he will give you a reward. Use the cracker you got from the pub to get the parrot to fly to the tower and then the pirate will give you the missing map piece.

Now you want to emark for Golden Harbor, and you’ll find it due south of Parrot Port. There are many dangerous rocks and reefs around the island so try to avoid them. When you go inside the bank, you can borrow doubloons which let you buy more cargo for trading and earn money quickly. The loan carries a 5% daily interest rate and needs to be paid back within twenty days. “Days” in Skullduggery advance each time you visit another port. To get the map piece here, you have to light three of the five street lights, some of which go out when others are turned on. The specific order is to get the lantern on the far right first (the fifth lantern). Then get the third lantern, followed by the fourth one. Next, get the second and then finally the first lantern (far left). The map piece appears in a draped archway. Once you have the map piece, go to the trading post and buy up as much grain as you can fit in your cargo hold.

Next, emark for the Pirate Outpost, which is due West of Golden Harbor and dock your ship. Sell your grain and buy Spice, which is cheap here. Climb up the giant skull, jumping over hostile pirates. Go inside the cannonry. The cannoneer is here and later you can hire him to join your crew because he helps you fire your cannon faster. At the top of the mast is a “cannon starter kit” (fuses), which will fire any of the four cannons on the outpost. Jump down and to the left and you will see a barrel of explosives. Push it down and it will drop into the water below. Swim it over to directly under the Golden Tooth of the rock skull. Go left and fire the cannon there. The cannonball fires and lands on the explosive barrel. The resulting explosion blows the gold tooth out of the skull and reveals the hidden piece of the map.

Next, start following a trade route by returning to Dragon Cove to sell your spice. Now you have established a clockwise “trading route” that will enable you to slowly build your wealth and buy larger ships and more cargo, and eventually hire some or all of the four helpful skilled crewmen. You do not have to stick to this route, but it is definitely the most efficient and the fastest way to earn lots of doubloons quickly in the game. As you build profits, keep upgrading your ship and don’t forget to hire the Cargo Master to increase the size of your hold. You might want to take out loans at the bank from time to time to get more money to fill your hold.

After a while, you’ll have enough money to purchase the largest ship, the Phoenix Warbird. You’ll need this ship and a full crew to defeat Captain Crawfish. Sail to battle him off Skullduggery Island. When he is defeated, return to the Governor’s house at Fort Ridley. He will give you the location of the Buried Treasure and a Bone Shovel to dig it up.

Travel to the island and dig at the mound 6 paces right of the Black Flag. After the treasure is out of the hole, you will be surprised by Captain Crawfish and his crew, and a spy who posed as an aide to the Governor.

Unlike most other Poptropica islands, there is no big boss fight here at the end. Fortunately, your crew arrives just in the nick of time and captures Crawfish and his pirates. You then return to Fort Ridley to return the treasure to the island. As a reward, the Governor gives you the island medallion and you’ve finished the quest.


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