Reality Tv Island Is Here On Poptropica

The new Poptropica mission, Reality TV Island, was unveiled. It is for members exclusively, therefore everyone has to be a paid subscriber to participate in it which is actually really too bad. Anyone who is not a paid subscriber needs to hang around until March 24 to play the brand new island. I’m not a member which means I had to check out this Reality TV Island Walkthrough on an important tips site to observe it. Reality TV island is extremely different from all the other Poptropica islands.. There are two extremely different parts to the quest. The first part is like other quests and you must figure out how to get an application together so that you can star on the upcoming season of the reality TV show. Once you solve this part which is very quick and only takes about five minutes, you can compete on the show. The reality TV show is a lot like the show Survivor where you first compete in an event. If you win, you get immunity but if you lose, you could be voted off the island and you’ll have to start all over. When you survive to the end and win the final competition, the show is over and you win the island medal and get 100 credits. What’s very great is that there are about seven events in the tournament but overall there are quite a lot more games which means that every occasion you play there are different events to do and mastering them all is fun.


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