Astro-knights Island Help

I’m seriously into having fun with Poptropica lately. When it first was released there were not a large number of quests but now there are tons that can be done. I’m pretty sure the best one they have ever made is Astro-Knights Island. It’s sort of like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round table in space. The main objective is to locate and rescue the king and queen’s daughter who was taken prisoner by a man known as Mordred. Along the way you have to also rescue the three other knights who tried to rescue her before you and failed. If you’ve only played some of the earlier Poptropica islands, like Shark Tooth or 24 Carrot, you’ll be surprised at how long it takes to finish Astro-Knights. I used these cheats for Astro-Knights island to help figure out some of the difficult parts. One of the toughest parts was definitely the robot fish that leap out of the water on the Ice Planet. Man they were so tough! And the mechanical dragon on the Fire planet was very hard too. But the toughest part of all was the final battle with Mordred. First you have to catch all these bombs he drops and then drop them on him before they explode on you. You have to get all the timing down exactly right to do it. After that you do the second part of the battle where you jump around avoiding his laser beams and you try to get him to hit the lights instead so that they fall on top of him. It’s really tough!

Even with the help I got with the step-by-step video tutorials I completely failed the first few times. But I did finally get it right and I won the battle and got the medal at the end. It felt wonderful to finally win it! Even though Astro Knights is so hard, I really liked it and think it’s one of the best quests in all of Poptropica. I’m playing some of the others now and I am really going to tackle Counterfeit Island next.


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