Cheats And Secrets For Angry Birds Epic

Get Acquainted With Your Enemies Before You Make a Move

As soon as you enter a battle with those pigs that are nefarious, do not run in and start attacking. 1st things 1st – assess your foes by holding your finger over eacg enemy. Since you’ll really get to see what kinds of skills and approaches each pig possesses doing this can help you put together a strong game plan.

You must always target the pigs who are most dangerous to your own party. Sometimes it makes more sense to take out the enemies that won’t take you too long to defeat. Pick your goals accordingly after you determine what they are able to do.

Replay As Many Conflicts angry birds epic cheats As Potential for Items and Gear

Angry Birds Epic does a little something different from most mobile games by excluding the usage of an energy meter limit. What this means is whenever you desire since you can play as long as you desire you won’t have to manage your playtime.

Now you know this, you should take advantage of it so that you can acquire more things and equipment for your party by replaying assignments. Your primary goal in regards to taking on missions that are beaten is picking up the resources needed for crafting goals.

Here’s a Very Solid Strategy That Will Take Advantage of Your Party

Since her healing powers are exceptionally useful when you unlock the Cleric, things become genuinely pleasant when it comes to strategy. Have the Lightning Bird hat that allows you to select among your birds that attacks a random enemy is equipped by your Mage. Simply choose the Cleric, which does 40 base damage (more compared to the Knight) and also restores 8 health to your own troops. Then you will attack again getting 16 well-being that is free. Use it again with the Mage for extra healing from random attacks from your Cleric when the Chili meter fills. Make sure you always have them under the shield of the Knight and you’re ready to wreak havoc in all periods!

Be Sure To Add Some Live Buddies!

It pays off well when you embrace some real friends who help you attain more Friendship Essence and more prize rolls. Plus you’ll have the option to borrow one of your buddies’ fowl and add it to your own party for an assignment.

You will get the option to get some free doses of Friendship Essence all at once, daily. Since the value of Friendship Essence you can attain goes up in this instance, it is better to have a fine set of live friends for the game. The more friends you have…well, you understand the rest.

Keep a Close Eye on Those Scavenge Points

On a daily basis, you’ll find that the scavenge points on the map will get a fine new dosage of loot that is new to obtain.

Consistently make an effort to keep a close eye on these places, every day revisit them, and pick up the great pieces they hold as a way to cash out as much as possible.

Trash Your More Useless Items So That You Can Get More Material

Do not become an in-match hoarder! Simply eliminate other kinds of items in your inventory and some of the weaker weapons. Once you are doing this and junk ’em, you will come away with a few extra materials that you can use to create new items.

Your Star Evaluation Depends on…

The amount of health your party of birds still have at the conclusion of a battle. So this means you should always keep tabs on how low your birds’ well-being is getting as the end of a battle is almost close.

Opt for the Golden Anvil!

Between the Golden Chili, the Golden Cauldron, and the Golden Anvil, it is hard to pick which to go for first. The Golden Anvil wins out because quality tools will provide the most consistent, ongoing bonus through improved crafted equipment, in contrast to the cauldron which simply provides more consumables that you shouldn’t be heavily relying on, or the chili which lets you start off a mission with a bang, but nothing else after that. Limited time special offers will pop up once in awhile that cuts the gold price in half, so it’s usually wise to wait for those before biting on the bullet.

Keep Those Banana Potions on Consistently and Deck Search Out for the Stuff Needed to Assemble Them

Banana Potions have a tendency to be the consumables that you’ll always need to keep all the time. These fixing items will look after you during those unbelievably tough missions..

You’ll be able to make your own Banana Potions by simply putting them together and gathering bananas, water and test tubes.

View Those Free Videos That Rovio Offers You to See

Rovio tends to look out for its players through spinoff launches and all these Angry Birds main games. As for how they help players in Angry Birds Epic, they are offered the chance to check out some videos by Rovio.

View these videos ASAP because they’ll give your party a 20-percent increase in well-being and attack characteristics. Before you head into some dangerous territory within a mission that is more challenging you should view these videos.


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